Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Observations from a sunshine connoisseur

For a long while I've been of the opinion, that the 1st of September was a rigidly artificial, superficial and arbitrary time to joyously declare "Springtime!". The daffodils and wattles have full-heartedly blooming for months already, and we all know it can, and most likely will, snow, blow, rain and freeze upon our little mountainy island right up until December and beyond.... However, during this Winter of convalescence I have become quite an astute and discerning seeker of small and transient pools of solar-light, where I dare to bare as much skin as the changing air temperature allows, in order to soak up the healing, warming powers of Winter Sun. And it was on the 1st of September when I did notice a distinct change in the quality of light. It felt a little burny. It got too hot inside my brain and i so woke up groggy from my nap on the sunbed. I had to move. And now, today, I am a shade sitter and I am allowing more validity to calender time, clock time, and its regular tracking of our orbits through space.

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