Saturday, 3 December 2016

Amusing things I have done whilst having CFS

 1. Shaving my head and watching it grow back....

A shaved head is perfect for chronic fatigue. Its a wild, outrageous thing to do, but it requires no energy. It feels awesome. You don't need to brush it, and showers and baths become much easier without wet hair. If you are worried about looking silly it doesn't matter because you hardly leave the house anyway. And you get to amuse yourself and all your housemates with all the awkward re-growth stages. 3 months on and my hair is defying gravity by sticking up about 10cm above my head. Its quite silly. 
A doctor recommended I try a low carb, high fat (ketogenic) diet. It makes sense when you can't do any exercise that you should only eat slow-burning fuels, and eat plenty of vegetables to give your body the best chance of recovery. The fat makes you less hungry and less prone to blood sugar crashes. Eating fat is fun and makes you happy. (the no-cake, no sugar, no ice cream, very little fruit part is less fun, but I compensate with eating more butter)

3. Reading kids books

Especially Roald Dahl. They are very silly and don't need much brain power. 

4. Watching ants

The microworld is so weird and pretty and terrifying and busy and interesting. 

5. Watching the grass grow, and then watching the wind blow it all about in cool swirly patterns. 

You know, grass stalks can be super tall. Like a metre maybe. And grass is only around 1mm thick. If trees were of that dimension, a tree with a 1 metre diameter would be 1000m tall. Imagine that... 

6. Counting and identifying all the plant species in the bush out the back of my house

At first glance it is all gorse, bone seed and rubbish out there, but I've found 36 native species from spending a lot of time sitting still and walking slowly. 

7. Learning qigong. 

Qigong is good because it is really slow. Its better than yoga for cfs as it requires no strength or flexibility. It is just gentle, meditative movement that supposed to get your chi flowing. It actually does make me feel better. And it can make me appreciate the absolute marvel and miracle of being able to do a simple thing, like lift my arms above my head.  Plus you don't need to go to classes because you can learn it on YouTube. I totally rate it for cfs. 

8. Crotcheting jellyfish 

No particular reason. Just to give to people. Plus about 15 beanies, a couple of tea cosies and some mushrooms. 

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